The Official Facebook iPad App is Here!

It is not a rumor any longer, the Facebook app for the iPad is finally live and available via the App Store from iTunes.

Will this app compete withe third party apps such as Friendly for iPad and MyPad+?  Time will tell, but at first glance, I say yes.

First of all, this is a native app, meaning it has been developed by and approved by Facebook.  That should ensure stability and provide the user with the same features enjoyed when logging into

This app integration works with the Facebook’s mobile web version as well. In short, Facebook is doing its best to direct you to the version of the app that will work best on whatever device you’re accessing it from — so if you’re browsing to Facebook from, you’ll get directed to mobile web version of apps; if you’re browsing from iOS, you’ll get App Store versions; and when Facebook finishes the revamped version of the Android app (it’s in the works), you’ll get directed to the Android Market version of apps whenever possible.

The app features slick navigation menu on the left side, which lets you quickly jump to features like News Feed, Messages, your Groups, and the other places you commonly access on Facebook including any Business Fan Pages you manage.

The look and the feel of this app is solid. Combined with how it integrates and works with mobile devices, PLUS the fact that you can load multiple accounts into the app, a bonus for social content managers that manage other profiles and pages, makes this app a winner. It was worth the wait Facebook!

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